You know the mountain. Now meet the app - coming soon of out beta.

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, right? If you were to stand on top of it, you should see a lot of Africa, right? This is the principle behind this app - to help you see African & African Diaspora experiences, items, and services wherever you are


Participate via videoconferencing for bookable online events and ticketing for in-person events (think of churches, weddings, and other religious/social gatherings).


Discover and buy clothing, shoes, furniture, arts and crafts, jewelry, and other hard-to-find native African products within a curated marketplace.  



Book verified at-home doctor’s appointments, babysitting/day care services, in-home haircuts/hairdos, virtual at-home tutoring/school,  shipping services for Africa-bound products, etc.

Explore experiences, shop items and connect with service providers

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We are based in New York City. Give us a ring with feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcome: 

Call: 512-705-4846.     Or, email: